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The feeling of home while travelling

London - my home

London. my new home. I started studying in London in September 2019, ever since then i have an official home here in my favourite city. But if I am being honest, since the first time I visited London in 2010, I felt a connection to this history-filled city. I have always felt at home in London. Since that first visit, I tried to travel here at least once a year. Everything about London made me feel happy and at home. The tube system made sense to me right away, the architecture and monuments were absolutely breathtaking to me and I could never wait to be back. In my mind it was clear that I had to either study here or move here after university.

How come some places gives us a feeling of home if we have never lived there? What draws us to live in places we only visited as tourists? Some people would give the explanation of having lived there in an earlier life, others would say it is just a coincidence; we like what we like. I believe there is no real explanation to that at-home-feeling you get in a foreign place but there is some reason you are drawn to it. In my case, London culture is a big attraction point, everyone seems to live freely and be what they want to be. The big city life may be attracting to me because i grew up in a place surrounded by fields and the biggest city being comparable to a town in the UK. The reason why I was supposed to be in London? Right now it feels like the reason was in part to meet someone special, but also to pursue my dreams career wise.

To me, London always seemed like a place where dreams can come true. Walking in the city center you see all the west end shows or billboards featuring celebrities advertising a product. The fashion brands. The fancy restaurants. The parks. The museums. The old historical buildings next to the new skyscrapers. The many concerts and theatre productions taking place everyday and every evening. The markets. The small romantic streets next to the big busy lanes. The many new places to discover even after years of living in this city. Everything about this historical capital made me fall in love with it and I don't think I wanna leave.

Travelling brings us to new places, new faces, new cultures and with some luck to our new home.

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Indian Lectures

India - a true culture shock

Before I could remember my parents took me on various trips around the world (I was only a few months old on my first flight). Since both of their jobs were in the tourism industry, I had the chance to travel frequently all throughout my childhood. Seeing different countries and cultures while growing up helped me realize how privileged and fortunate I was to live in a wealthy and well-developed country. The travel that shaped and influenced me the most was the trip to India when I was just 12 years old. Seeing the Indian culture and the strong contrast between the slums and the palaces of their royals shocked me deeply. Additionally, I experienced how different women were treated there and how as a young girl this scared me but also made me realize that this should not be happening. I remember sitting in a taxi and a young Indian girl came up to me and another young girl asking for money (my mom was still outside talking to the rest of the travel group), but before we could give or tell her anything a man pulled her away from the window and slapped her in public. I was speechless and I could not move, meanwhile the girl next to me was crying, this was truly a culture shock for the both of us and definitely shaped me for my adolescence. This experience made movements like feminism truly important to me because I saw with my own eyes how bad young girls and women were still treated in other countries. Furthermore, all the various cultures I had experienced while growing up made me more mature for my age and understanding of how lucky I was to be living the life I was, I learned to not take anything for granted as there were people living much worse lives. I am so grateful for my parents taking me on all those travels and although I have some horrible images in my memory from them, I also earned a large number of lessons and experienced a lot.
These experiences make me believe that it is important for everyone, young or old, to visit other places and see other cultures and have an open mind about it. Travelling helps people broaden (expending) their horizons and see their life and the world in general from a different perspective. Experiencing other cultures helps people understand each other better and it would make them more considerate and compassionate towards each other. I am aware that money can be an issue to stop people from travelling but nowadays there are many ways of travelling on a budget, for example, lonely planet has books on this issue and there are many blogs that cover this as well. I am so grateful for my experience and want to motivate people to travel and take their children in order to explore different cultures and grow up more openminded.

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